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Welcome to the Council Business Competence for Europe e.V.


Motive for Establishment and Objectives

In 2002 a project initiative was established involving experts in management, administration and science aiming at an effective distribution of core business knowledge. Their initial goal was to establish a "European Business Competence Licence" analogously to the already globally widespread "Computer Driving Licence". It is about a certification system evaluated by theory and practice, which ensures that degree holders posses core business knowledge that is essential for working in the economic and administrative field. The principal item of this procedure is an effective and quality assured assessment system, which guarantees the comparability of examination performances at different places and at different times. It is based on a dynamic. educational objective checklist of core business knowledge.

Arrangement and Manning of the Advisory Board

In addition to the mandatory institutions, the Council Business Competence for Europe e.V. has established two advisory boards:

The Network of Competence with its four Competence Circles consists of exponents from the corresponding scientific disciplines on the one hand, of accounted experts from independent educational establishments, dependent management and administration educational establishments on the other hand and finally of highly qualified personnel from management and administration, who are entrusted with human resources management related functions and tasks concerning personnel development.

The Committee of National Advisors consists of qualified persons who ideally and financially support the initiatives of the Council Business Competence for Europe e.V. in each country, where the EBC*L is established, and who take care of the quality assurance of the practical implementation of qualification measures which improve their personnel's business competence.

The members of the Competence Circle and of the Committee of National Advisors are appointed by the executive board of the Council Business Competence for Europe e.V.

The Council Business Competence for Europe e.V. has established an office of the executive board in Paderborn, which coordinates all activities as well as external communication and public relations and attends the council's internal affairs.




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